Mik Murdoch Boy Superhero

Mik Murdoch Boy Superhero

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Mik Murdoch is just a regular, everyday kid…until he decides it is his destiny to become a superhero. But, just how does one become a superhero anyway? Mik doesn’t have any of the normal things that would fulfill his dream; he doesn’t have special powers, nor billions of dollars or technology. He isn’t even the world’s greatest detective. It shouldn’t be all that hard though, should it? People get super powers in the comic books all the time. So Mik tries everything he can think of to get powers. Radioactive bugs, super powered armour, even putting on a cape so he can fly. Will he get super powers? Are there villains to battle? Does his small town of Cranberry Flats even need a superhero? So many questions. The biggest on of all? Is the world ready for Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero? Search Terms: superhero, coming of age